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AnCor Operational and Order-to-Cash Evaluation

How is your company managing health care reform?
The most successful HME companies have already performed at least an initial evaluation of their operations, and identified ways to cut costs and increase staff productivity to protect their bottom line.  They are continuing to streamline their workflows, eliminate unnecessary tasks, optimize their business software, and use financial benchmarks to set goals and manage their progress.  For HME and home respiratory suppliers, this can mean management efficiencies of revenue per employee at $165,000 or greater, a DSO below 60, and bad debt of 3-5%. 

If your company hasn’t achieved comparable results, AnCor can help.
AnCor provides an Operational and Order-to-Cash Evaluation designed to cut costs and improve profitability. 
This evaluation will help you:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Maximize collections
  • Optimize business software
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Decrease DSO
  • Identify unprofitable payers and products

The evaluation is performed on-site by our personnel using AnCor’s data collection tools that were developed over a twenty-year period of auditing HME and Home Infusion order-to-cash operations.   The on-site audit usually takes three to five days, depending on the size of your organization.  Approximately two to three weeks after completion of the audit you will receive a detailed report that management can use as a road map to perform the necessary reengineering.  The areas of the company that will be examined are as follows:     

  • Office configuration and workflow
  • Intake and verification procedures
  • Documentation collection and status
  • Billing and collection procedures
  • Staffing levels, knowledge and performance
  • Accuracy of A/R data
  • Collectability of receivables
  • Bad debt levels/reserves

AnCor also provides implementation assistance for companies that don’t have the necessary resources, or that want to obtain results quickly without falling behind on critical daily tasks.