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4613 N. University Drive, #560
Coral Springs, Florida 33067
What kind of services does AnCor provide?
AnCor provides consulting services and interim management for HME/IV companies that have established strategic objectives to increase cash flow, lower bad debt, and increase productivity as well as more fully utilize their business software to assist in meeting the stated objectives.
What size company typically utilizes AnCor's services?

The typical AnCor client has annual revenues of 3 million dollars or greater.

How can I tell if my company is a candidate for AnCor's services?
    - If your company's Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is over 70 days and
      you are unable to bring it down.
    - If your labor costs seem out of line with the rest of the industry.
    - If your business software is not being utilized fully and/or the
      control files are not implemented correctly.
    - If your paper flow is cumbersome and inefficient.
    - If you are having difficulty integrating a recent acquisition or if you
      would like to clean up your company to make it more attractive to
      a potential buyer.
    - If you would like to improve your cash flow and reduce your DSO,
      bad debt and operating expenses.
How is AnCor different from other industry consulting companies?
Unlike the other industry consultants, AnCor provides the resources to implement the required changes that are necessary for clients to meet their business objectives in addition to making recommendations for changes and strategy.
What are AnCor's qualifications?
AnCor's founding officers each have approximately 20 years of HME/IV experience dealing with A/R and system issues. Their industry tender includes management of midsize and large billing centers and providing educational seminars on topics such as customer service, coverage criteria and documentation requirements, billing and collections, documentation control and computer operations, and the design and development of industry software. Early in their careers both of AnCor's founding officers served in management capacities at hospital based or regional HME/IV companies. A current bio is provided for AnCor's management under "About AnCor".
How long does it usually take from my initial phone call until AnCor is able to have a consultant on-site?
Typically, AnCor is booked 3-4 weeks in advance, so the average required lead-time is approximately 1 month.
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