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Some of the projects that have been directed by the officers of AnCor Healthcare Consulting include:

Accounts Receivable
Hospital-Based HME, Respiratory and Home Infusion Company The scope of responsibility included co-managing the A/R department (20 employees), cleaning up the database in the computer system and collecting over $10 million in accounts receivable. Training, daily monitoring and assistance were provided for customer service and billing employees. Protocols were developed and implemented to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and to place controls in designated areas. Computer software control files were overhauled to correct errors made in the original setup of the system which handled over 9,000 patients. Protocols for the collection and resolution of accounts receivable were developed, implemented and managed by the principals of AnCor Healthcare Consulting, resulting in surpassing previous collection months for nine consecutive months and significantly decreasing the outstanding A/R and DSO. An increase in revenue per employee and a decrease in bad debt resulted from the training and implementation of quality control measures in key areas, more efficient flow of paperwork, and optimization of the software system.

Employee Training
Hospital-Based HME, Respiratory and Home Infusion Company Working with management, staff were trained on coverage criteria documentation requirements, and employee responsibilities in the customer service and billing/collection departments were restructured. Protocols were developed and implemented to increase efficiency and provide for better controls, resulting in a substantial reduction of denials on current claims submitted, a 150% increase within three months in cash receipts on current billing, and a decrease in DSO by 90 days over a six month period through increased cash collections. The computer system control files were cleaned up to produce CMNs and claims correctly, and to increase reporting abilities and manage inventory assets.

Software System Optimization
Regional HME, Respiratory and Home Infusion Company Seven locations were converted to MestaMed from a system that was inadequate for home medical equipment and IV services. The company began billing half of their location on the new system within sixty days of the four-month project. The officers of AnCor Healthcare Consulting were responsible for setting up all the control files as well as transferring patient information, CMNs and equipment through both electronic transmission and manual data entry. Claims submission continued in a timely fashion during the conversion period to insure and uninterrupted cash flow.

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